Polytan Turf System


1 Monofilament Fibers
2 Infill Granulate
3 Infill Sands
4 Energy Pad











CoolPlus Technology


The latest development of the world renowned Polytan LigaTurf offers an exciting new alternative to reduce the temperatures of synthetic Artifical Turf System. Polytan CoolPlus synthetic turf system uses new grass fiber technology and a thermoplastic infill to create a major reduction in temperatures when compared to conventional synthetic artificial turf systems.

For the first time a system solution for this challenging task is available for the football turf and the synthetic turf market in general. The Polytan CoolPlus artificial turf system combines the infrared light reflection LigaTurf CoolPlus filament with a Polytan BionPro Infill, which has the same IR reflecting properties and makes the system therefore even more effective.












LigaGrass is made with the same high quality monofilament fiber but in this system the fiber is uniquely textured using an exclusive manufacturing process.

Due to the nature of the textured fibers, LigaGrass provides more of a closed playing surface which prevents the infill materials from coming to the surface (even during player contact such as tackling or kicking). Therefore, one of its main benefits is the reduced amount of maintenance required.

This system is also optimized to ensure excellent playing characteristics over its lifetime.






Liga Turf


The objective of Ligaturf was to mimic the same properties of natural grass yet provide a highly durable synthetic surface in a artificial turf.

LigaTurf was specifically developed for stadiums and high performance sports venues. It features newly-developed “spring back” monofilament fibers which have an outstanding ability to bounce back on account of their resilience-enhanced design and soft elastic yarn composition.

The structural design of the LigaTurf system is optimized to ensure excellent playing characteristics over the life of the surface.

Polytan LigaTurf holds the greatest number of high-level synthetic turf system certifications in the world.




Monotex 235


This is a high-tech, all round turf that’s hard-wearing and enormously strong. Yet its soft fibres are safe and comfortable for players.