This company from years  93 in various fields of sports, including sport sector using foreign and domestic experts and new technology on sports equipment, artificial grass, parquet flooring and professional sports parqeut  and implementation of teniss land is active.



Morvariddaran company is pioneer in order to provide specialized floor, artificial grass and sports equipment with international standards in Iran.




Morvariddaran company is ready to provide design and layout ground and sports halls and  implementation services and parquet flooring in the field of sports, football and footsal grounds, tennis courts, equipment and sports equipment including basketball hydraulic machines, bars volleyball, badminton, gate soccer, handball and sports seats and ... Using the following products factory and professional group sport that is efficient in sport fields.



The company exclusively represents of companies:



HARO (Germany) Manufacturer of sports flooring under the International Basketball Federation FIBA


Schelde Sports (Belgium) Manufacturer of sports equipment with world's latest technologies and international standard
Casali (Italy) Producer of Kurt Hart and Hart Koshen materials with international standards

In addition ,Morvariddaran Company is working in the following fields:



Exports Imports

Carpet to American and Europe Countries


Oil Products’


Life Animals



Construction equipment


Office and residential Parquet


Sports  Equipment and flooring


Raw materials and machinery factories


Industrial meat